Potpourri - Page 2

The formal dedication of our historic marker took place in December, 1993, with Doug Purcell (second from left) of the Historic Chattahoochee Commission officiating. Joining him were Tonya, Martha, our church historian, and Claude, the chairman of the Seale UMC Official Board and also a Russell County Commissioner.
Historic Marker - 1993
New members in 1996
Jason and Amy welcome William, Cindy, Trent, Allison, Mary Beth, Mary, Hamilton, and Sammy.
New members - 1996
Ann ladles the punch while Jason and Virginia chat.
Jason, Virginia, & Ann
Another baby for us,
and a rocking chair for the baby - 1997
Mary's baby shower
Zachary's baptism
Easter, 1997 
While Zachary is being baptized, Matthew checks out the Easter lillies.


Seale United Methodist Church, Seale, Alabama