February 6, 1972

130th Church Anniversary - 1972
Albert Hunt, Tom Carr, Bishop Goodson, Stephen Dill,
John Ed Mathison, and Gene Williams
130th Anniversary

Text from the Methodist Christian Advocate, February 29, 1972

Seale Church Celebrates 130th Anniversary
By Welton Gregory, Director, United Methodist Information, The Birmingham Area

Participating in the dedication of the Seale parsonage and mortgage burning (L. to R.): Worley Chitwood, Albert Randall, Bishop Goodson, T. P. Tompkins, L. L. Pitts, and the Rev. Albert R. Hunt, Jr., pastor.

To celebrate 130 years of continuous life and work is quite an experience for a congregation of Methodists!  The United Methodist Church of Seale, Alabama, where the Rev. Albert R. Hunt, Jr., is pastor, did this on Sunday, February 6.  Coupled with the anniversary celebration was the service of dedication for the spacious parsonage.

Bishop W. Kenneth Goodson, resident bishop of the Birmingham Area, was present to preach at the 11:00 A.M. service.  Mr. Claude Parkman greeted the people and extended a welcome to all.  The Rev. Mr. Hunt was assisted by Sheila, his wife, with a special musical number, "I Waited for the Lord."  Bishop Goodson's message emphasized our Methodist heritage.  He pointed out that the church expresses the faith, the conscience, the motivation and the hope of the community."

More than 200 persons--members and friends--gathered to share in the service.  Other participating ministers included the Rev. Stephen F. Dill, superintendent of the Troy District, and the Rev. J. Thomas Carr, former pastor at Seale, now minister of the Grace United Methodist Church of Auburn.

Following the worship a bountiful fellowship dinner was shared by all, and at 2:00 P.M. they gathered at the parsonage for the service of dedication.  Present for the dinner and to assist the other ministers in the dedication service were the Rev. Gene Williams and the Rev. John Ed Mathison, pastors of the First Church and the Trinity Church, Phenix City, respectively.

At the conclusion of the service of dedication those present were invited to tour the beautiful parsonage.

The origin of the Seale Church dates back to before 1843.  The first church building was called Glenn's Chapel, a memorial to John B. and James E. Glenn, two pioneer preachers, natives of Franklin County, North Carolina.  Glenn's Chapel originally was one of 14 churches which comprised the Russell Circuit.  Later is was a part of the Hurtsboro-Seale circuit in the Eufaula District.

The present church building was erected about 1876.  Additions were made from time to time as the congregation grew.  First an annex, then an education building, renovation of the sanctuary and the building of the parsonage.

The dedication of the parsonage on this date marks the completion of much building and progress in every way of the congregation with a noble past and a challenging future.

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