1950s and 1960s

Warren lifts Ben to sign the guestbook.
(About 1969)


Work Day - July 4, 1966

The ladies cooked; the men painted.
All day.
Marvin, Plant Tompkins, Roy Temple
Marvin, Plant, & Roy
Groundbreaking for Fellowship Hall - July 1957
Charles McCann, Ocie Woodall, Plant Tompkins, Albert Randall, Dudley Teal, Lucien Pitts, Tom Carr
Groundbreaking 1957
Women's Society of Christian Service (WSCS) - Early 50's?
First row: Ann Randall, Ruby Illges, 
Annie Bell McCann, Alice Tompkins
Second row: ? Jeffries, Ruth Crouch, 
Mary McCann, Mary Jennings
Third row: ? Baker, ?, ? Marie Pitts, 
Adelaide Anthony
WSCS - 1950's
Church Steps - Early 50s?
First row: Lisa Crouch, ?, ?, ?, Rosemary Monte, Sandra Fuqua
Second row: Fred Starke (?), Billy Fuqua, Clark Williams, Joanne Fuqua, Alice Fuqua
Third row: Ann Randall, Nancy Ferrell, ? Vann, Grace Holland, Ocie Woodall, Daisy Dudley, Charlie Dudley
Fourth row: Ruth Crouch, Mary Jennings, ?, Plant Tompkins, Etta Woodall, ?, Marie Pitts, Albert Randall
Church Steps - 1950s
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Seale United Methodist Church, Seale, Alabama