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Seale United Methodist Church

Seale Cemetery

The Seale Cemetery is administered by the Official Board of the Seale United Methodist Church.

Markers for Walk to Cemetery

Old Walk


New Walk



List of Those Buried in Seale Cemetery (slightly incomplete)

Confederate Veterans Buried in Seale Cemetery

Anderson, W. T.
Bellamy, W. A.
Bickerstaff, James A.
Boykin, J. W.
Brannon, J. M.
Brinson, S. S.
Broughton, W. W.
Bush, John
Chadwick, R. K.
Drew, P. A.
Evans, I. C.
Ferrell, G.
Fuller, G. W.
Glenn E., H.
Greene, P. O.
Hearn, B. W.
Heart, J. H.
Henry, W. J.
Henry, R. A.
Herry, H. B.
Holland, W. H.
Ivan, Henry
Jennings, B.
Lane, A.
Martin, L. W.
Martin, W. W.
Mathews, W. N.
McDevitt, C.
McDuff, G.
Mitchell, J. B.
Perry, Tom W.
Pitts, Samuel H.
Prather, W. B.
Ray, A. W.
Screws, Henry
Smith, J. W.
Smith, John W.
Soloman, John W.
Strong, R. A.
Tadlock, W. D.
Tucker, T.
Ware, J. J.
Ware, J. T.