Alma Mater - When We Graduated


Our Alma Mater, Auburn High,
We love to roam thy halls.
Where knowledge glows and friendship grows
Within thy dear old walls.
You showed us how to make our way
With steadfast faith in thee.
To live aright from day to day
In truth and loyalty.
We offer you our song of praise
As days go drifting by.
We’ll always cherish memories
Of dear old Auburn High.

Alma Mater - A Couple of Years Earlier!


Dear Auburn High, dear Auburn High,
We still hear you calling
Us back to your halls once again.
We still hear the echoes of old bells a-ringing,
And long for those days once again.
We were so happy in all our dear friendships.
Each day finds us lonely and blue.
You taught us the right things to live for,
Dear Auburn High.
We’ll cherish thy name evermore.